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  • Where do you pick up from?
    We pick you up from your accommodation anywhere in the Margaret River region, from Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Cowaramup, Gnarabup to Augusta & Bunker Bay. If you are staying a little further out then contact us and we will put together a package for you.
  • What time will you be picking me up?
    For group tours, we will confirm your exact pick-up time via text message the night before the tour – it is generally around 11am. For private charters it is up to you – we will agree an itinerary based on the length of the tour you have booked and confirm with your prior to the tour once all the bookings with venues have been confirmed.
  • Is lunch included?
    The short answer - no, lunch is not included on any of our private tours. Why? Because we like to plan each tour individually and some people want a budget friendly lunch while others are wanting to splash out on something a bit more decadent like a 5 course degustation - we are all about bespoke tours and for us to include the cost of lunch in a tour would take away from the flexibility of going to any restaurant in the region and ordering exactly what you want.
  • What is the deal with tasting fees and bookings with wineries?
    We will fully plan the itinerary and make all the bookings for you so there's nothing for you to do except for look forward to the day ahead. Every winery has a different tasting fee and in an effort to keep our guests costs to a minimum we have chosen not to charge this as part of the tour cost. As a result tasting fees will be paid direct to the winery on the day of the tour at guests expense - however, these are usually refundable on purchase of wine so if you plan to pick up a bottle at each stop then you won't pay tasting fees. To read more about this we have written a blog on the subject.
  • What wineries do you visit?
    There are over 100 cellar doors in the Margaret River region and all offer slightly different experiences & wines, we like to chat to our guests and find out about them, where they are staying, what they like to drink and then we pick the wineries based on this discussion. We don’t have a set route and visit different wineries every day. If you have any favourites then let us know and we can try to include them in the tour. It takes on average around 2hrs per tour to complete the planning & booking of each itinerary - as such, we only organise this once we have a confirmed booking. These custom planned itineraries are part of what you are paying for in the cost of your private tour.
  • Can I bring my dog on one of your group tours?
    Unfortunately, your four-legged friend is only able to come along if you book a private tour. Why not get a group of friends together and we can take your group & your pooch where ever you like for a fun filled day out.
  • Can I visit a brewery or distillery?
    Absolutely – if you book a private charter we will take you to any of the breweries, distilleries etc. However, on our group tours we focus on wine as that is where we have the best knowledge and passion to be able to deliver a premium tour to our customers.
  • Can you cater to special dietary requirements?
    We sure can – make sure you let us know at the time of booking and we will inform the wineries who will make sure you receive a delicious meal suitable to your requirements
  • Do you sell gift certificates?
    We sure do – just go to the Book Now page and select the tour you would like to purchase and you will see the option to purchase as a gift. Gift vouchers have an expiry of 3 years.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If we have to cancel a tour due to COVID-19 related restrictions which prevents the tour from going ahead then a full credit will be provided, please do not ask for a refund. Private Charter & Pawesome Tours We charge a non-refundable 20% deposit at the time of booking. If tour is cancelled within 7 days of the tour date then the full amount of booking will be charged, no credit note will be offered in this situation. For group tours: Cancellations inside 14 days incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations inside 72 hours incur full charge as cancellation fee. Any refunds are subject to a service fee of $20 per person & do not include merchant fees.
  • Can we drink alcohol on the bus?
    Sorry unfortunately not! It’s illegal to have open alcoholic beverages in any of our vehicles, regardless of if it is a private charter or not. The wineries provide very generous tastings and you will not be short of any wine for the day so it’s best to sip water on the bus in between stops so you can enjoy the whole day.
  • Can you ship my wine home?
    Of course! If you’d like to purchase a couple of bottles at each stop and put together a mixed case of wine – we can send it home for you. For Australian capital cities the charge is $30 per case of 6 or 12, for other destinations chat to us on the day for a quote.
  • Do you receive any commission from the wineries visited on tour?
    No - we don't get anything from wineries if you purchase wine on tours with us - there is no motivation for us to take you to particular wineries because of any kick-backs. We select the wineries to visit based on the taste preferences of our guests and where we think will be a good match on the day. There is never any pressure to buy - although a lot of the wineries we visit only sell at cellar door so if you find something you like it's always nice to take something home as you may not find it at any bottleshops.
Wine Tasting
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